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Reflecting on the Impact of the Past

Once I became solidified in my approach to a creative career, I needed to digest the impact my past had on my mental health. In the Shedding Skin phase, I needed a change that challenged me, but I wasn’t done processing my emotions.


I relied on my business mindset and empathetic relation with people to become Classy Girl. Creativity was always an outlet for me, but I was in dire need of blending structure and entrepreneurial strategy to guide me through the unpredictable nature of working in the creative industry.


This pushed me to reflect on my past Party Girl phase. A time that could be best summed as a slipping scale of coping mechanisms to feel a filtered form of happiness. Tangled in my circumstance, I had lost my sense of worth.


The secrets that my personal life unveiled, coupled with an international tragedy put me on a sinking ship of anger and frustration. With no outlet, I felt trapped in a life that was pressuring me to be consumed by work that didn't fuel me. Numb, tired, and sickly, I reached my breaking point.

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