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Director's Message

At the same time that the earth stood still, my personal life underwent unexpected turbulence. My family went through a traumatic divorce, my mental health plunged to new lows, and the exciting new chapter of post-grad life was amounting to a load of aimless disappointment. Better yet, the career I thought I wanted to chase turned out to be my own mental revelation of learning that you are not your parents. Caught between an unavoidable burn out and nostalgia for feeling “normal”, I had lost my sense of drive and ambition. I lost my sense of self.


Come August 2021, I spent many days contemplating what I really wanted out of life. Just a few months away from graduating early, I refused to believe the finish line I was hurling myself towards was a race no one wanted to participate in. So, I looked to the world around me for guidance. When I looked to the world around me, I noticed that we were all struggling with the impacts of mental health, family turmoil, and the callous nature of  “the unprecedented”. After countless inner monologues debating the phenomenon of “purpose”, I theorized that in order for anyone to build a life that would yield authentic happiness, they would need to be able to be independently and undeniably themselves.


Thus began the creation of my project: Unfiltered Euphoria, a life long journey deciphering and pursuing self-actualization. Being a hyper creative mind and unapologetic business geek, I methodically planned out a project that would blend my two passions into a sustainable career embedded in purpose. I had three primary goals:


  • Create a case study designed to market my professional abilities. 

  • Serve as a means for structured self-reflection and metamorphosis into someone that I wanted to be someday.

  • Act as a pressure cooker for professional growth that would prepare me to embark on a career as an independent artist and entrepreneur.


Each day I used my project as the blueprint to navigate approaching the beginning of a lifelong thesis focused on chasing my version of Unfiltered Euphoria.


I’m beyond thankful for everyone who's supported me in the process from the production to the adventure that followed. It was because of your uniqueness that I was able to uncover mine.


And as we all know, there’s a difference between theory and application: so, what actually happened in the past year?

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