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The Portrait Project

As an additional exercise of visualization, the portrait project became an integral part of the
Unfiltered Euphoria journey.

Starting during "Initial Embrace", the challenge was to paint a portrait with no direction. Each time I felt I was transitioning from one chapter to another, I would pick up a paintbrush, and paint how I felt. Once I felt the chapter was captured on my canvas I would be the brush down until the next phase.



Initial Embrace

At the beginning of the project, I focused on vulnerability. With the image of Initial Embrace in mind, I began to paint myself with the photoshoot image as a mental reference.



After sitting with the initial embrace image, I realized my portrait and my life was desperately missing color. Over the course of a few months, I painted over the silhouette until my canvas reflected how much I had changed in this chapter.




The acceleration phase allowed me to peer into the potential of the world I wanted to live in: bright and enriched with color. Finished with a gloss, this stage reflected all the shining possibilities. 



In the glowing phase, my new perception fundamentally changed the way I interpreted myself and the world around me. This meant not only seeing the world in color, but becoming one with my surroundings. 

*Still in progress



Unfiltered Euphoria

To be Revealed

Unfiltered Euphoria Playlist

I've curated a playlist to add another layer to experience the concept.

Unfiltered Piano

During the pandemic, I challenged myself to pick up the piano by ear. This arrangement was created by me with my favorite string of keys when I first started playing. 

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