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Kicking Off the Theory

The process of re-emerging was centered around practice, patience, and persistence. Having a brief introduction to the production industry pre-pandemic, and a few network ties remaining, I started by reaching out to key figures for mentorship and guidance while building out the concrete details for my project. The possibility of engineering a life for myself that bridged my creative and operational skill sets existed - it was a matter of being resourceful and receptive to failure.


The next 2 months were spent meticulously preparing to shoot, making sure that each chess piece was in place. Fulfilling the roles of Creative Director, Producer, Stylist, and Model, I wanted to explore each facet of the industry to understand which role I was most drawn to. Having never modeled before, I spent 2 months methodically practicing how to capture my vision.


Using digital tools and processes that I picked up in past jobs, I created an optimized production schedule capable of achieving an ambitious shot list. In just 10 hours my team was able to accomplish:

  • Film 34 video shots

  • Photograph 9 Looks

  • 4 hair and makeup changes


After filming my project, I came to the conclusion that my passion was coded in creativity and not C++; I was on the right path.

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