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Team Credits:

Creative Director: Lisa Stapleton | @lisa.stapleton

Director of Photography, Editor: Anna Eva Kotyza | @annaevakotzya

Producer: Lisa Stapleton | @lisa.stapleton 

Stylist: Lisa Stapleton |  @lisa.stapleton    

Model: Lisa Stapleton | @lisa.stapleton 

Audio Engineer: Nic Ferrell | @nic_ferrell

Photographer: Arianna Vetere | @arivetere

Photo Assist: Ian Shiff | @ianshiff

Hair Stylist: Francesca Maria | @francesadidit

MUA Day 1: Angie Shehata | @facesbyangie

MUA Day 2: Tania Bogun | @tania_bogun

Production Assistant: Lauren Gilbert | @laurenmarie419

Stylist Assistant: Georgia Whitworth | @georgia.whitworth

Visual Arts Assistants: Morgan Detzner | @morgangrace_xo , Ingrid Colesgrave | @2phoneingy

Putting Trust in Ambition

This brings me to today, in this very moment picking up where the video left off. While I had the vision for Unfiltered Euphoria, I did not have the foresight to understand how much I would grow creatively and professionally within the past year.


Now that I’ve spent the last year working towards understanding what makes me so undeniably Lisa Stapleton, I’m beyond excited to extend this method to my next project Caricatures of Consciousness. Having now authored the first few chapters of this series, I’m inspired by the essence of New York City: to be built by grit and developed by community. 


So, as I conclude this project, I’d like to leave everyone with something to think about.


Each one of you came across this concept for different reasons, whether it was because I pestered you to check out this link, or maybe you came across it online, but regardless - you landed here for a reason, so I encourage you to leave with a reason. A reason behind who you are, and what you want. Because, when I started this project, I thought Unfiltered Euphoria meant being independently and undeniably yourself. But at the completion of this project, I realized that Unfiltered Euphoria is about putting trust in your most ambitious ideas and doing it afraid.


For example, when I started this journey, I had a few network ties remaining. At the completion of this project, I have a community of people helping me write the final few sentences of this story.

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